The Mission

Learned behaviors on a winning football field mirror many of life’s most profound lessons. That’s why the team was formed: To lead. To inspire. To direct. To ‘call it how it is and how it can be.’ Our team aims to empower, direct, lead and coach individuals across all ages (and all walks) to attain their best life. Walk with us and be inspired to achieve the very best you.

Don’t be afraid of change.
Be afraid of not changing.


Coach Kevin Donley,  known as “Coach D.” to hundreds of young men over the last 20+ years, is THE WINNINGEST active coach in all collegiate-division coaching today. With a 333-win record, Coach Donley is also the 6th winningest coach in the history of football—dating back to 1869. He’s a Midwestern hero to multitudes and known as the father to NAIA football. He exudes a warm spirit and coaching methodology that’s proven to be a platform from which so many young men have sprung to their own individual success.

But yet, there’s so much more to Coach Donley than his record. It’s his presence. His demeanor. His winning strategy—that extends beyond a field’s goal line. It’s winning in life. And this, friends, is his specialty. You could say Coach D.’s bucket overflows with goodness, strength and resilience. And if the analogy of a ‘bucket filled’ is new, you’re just getting acquainted with the depth that defines Coach D.


Career Wins


NAIA National Championships


-Time AFCA National Coach of the Year


NAIA All-Americans


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-Time Conference Coach of the Year


MSFA League Championships

TOP 10

1. John Gagliardi
2. Joe Paterno
3. Eddie Robinson
4. Bobby Bowden
5. Ken Sparks
6. Kevin Donley
7. Larry Kehres
8. Bear Bryant
9. Pop Warner
10. Amos Alonzo Stagg

Coach D's

Leadership Academy

Led by America’s winningest active college football coach, is comprised of a most extensive expanse of leadership excellence. Its unparalleled Leadership Academy provides speaking opportunities intended for audiences of athletes, business professionals, coaches and today’s youth. Why such a broad audience? It’s simple: there’s invaluable life wisdom and inspiration to share from such a dynamic collaboration of proven leaders.


Meet our team of names you’re likely to recognize: former NFL players and football greats, Hall of Famers and some of the most energized speakers you’ll ever hear.


Meet our team of names you’re likely to recognize: former NFL players and football greats, Hall of Famers and some of the most energized speakers you’ll ever hear.

Winning in football takes the same focus and efforts as winning in business. It’s about team building, tenacity, awareness and diligence. Learn how to coach your own business team with tactics that led Coach D. to become the winningest active football coach—in any collegiate division—in the country.

Words of expert advice and encouragement can be life-altering. And when the message is delivered by a leader who also consistently develops people, it’s a profound message that defines inspiration and life direction. Learn how to fill your bucket by hiring Coach D. to speak at your banquet, charitable event or philanthropic endeavor.

This was made just for you, coaches. Want to learn plays and strategies to help your team? Good. That’s our goal—to help you get more goals/scores/wins/successful athletes. Check out our weekly inspiration and watch for ways to learn from the winningest active football coach in the country.

Effectively molding young athletes takes a unique strategy, patience and quiet encouragement to bring out kids’ best. Have your young athletes discover what it takes to develop success on the field, within your organization—and in life, with Coach Kevin Donley’s training for high school coaches and football camps for youth.


From media to books to apparel and memberships, The CoachKevinDonley Store is a one-stop-shop for all that inspires and everything football.