Bucket Theory, part 2 of 10

Created for coaches. Applicable to all…

–Coach D.

My players, past and present, know what it means to ‘fill your bucket.’

Now you can learn it, too. I hope you’ll follow our 10-step approach to filling your own proverbial bucket. Whether you’re a football coach, business manager, a parent or student, these 10 principles apply to you—no matter who the players/teammates in your world may be.

What does ‘fill your bucket’ mean?

Over the years I’ve had players with incredible physical talent but who lacked in heart, leadership and effort. I’ve also had players whose physical talents were far from stellar, but who consistently showed heart, leadership and 100% effort.

Guess which players I started? Yep, you guessed right. The ones purposefully guided by inner heart, leadership and effort. They were filling their buckets with the habits of future champions.

We’ve covered Step 1: Positive Attitude + Body Language. Now, we move on…



Isn’t this step such a great lesson in life? It’s human nature to leer at what others may have. It’s not uncommon to think, “I wish I had that…” or to wonder why someone else seems to have it all.

What happens when we focus on what others have is, simply put, an unhealthy distraction. It’s focusing elsewhere instead of looking in the mirror. It’s wasted energies, and frankly, it’s spinning our wheels without gaining traction.

My vote? Stop it.

If your opponent has what you ‘wish’ you had? The first rule in coaching? Get over it.Wishing without a plan leads to emptiness; it’s a weak overture often contrived as mere envy.

A good coach overcomes weaknesses. A good coach builds upon potential. A good coach implements intelligent strategy.

Focus on what you do have in talent. Build on it. Grow your players. Consider it an exciting challenge and help mold your team into winners—this process instills life-long values into your players, helping them become champions off the field as well as on the turf.

Focusing on what you have is imperative to us all. It tweaks perceptions from one of lack to one of fulfillment. It transforms envy or disillusionment into optimism and tenacity. It eradicates the blurred lines of accountability. Instead, it exposes raw reality, which, with the right attitude? Means opportunity.

Lead what’s before you. Mold your team. Grow. Keep it real, and keep in clear focus of what you have. Let go of the have-nots. Your team will notice. They’ll feel your encouragement; it’ll lead to pride.

And when pride is coupled with hard work? That’s the strategy of champions.

Doing so, the droplets may fall more steadily into your players’ individual buckets, as well as your own.